Public Health Intelligence North of England (PHINE)

The Yorkshire and Humber PHINE network is a community of improvement for those working in LAs with an interest in data and intelligence. The network is supported and managed by PHE’s LKIS team. There are at least four network events each year which are in addition to various CPD events. As a group we share good practice and work collaboratively to achieve these aims:

• Promote how knowledge and intelligence can add value to the system
• Drive improvements in access to key record level datasets eg HES and mortality
• Develop the K&I workforce across the region and between job roles
• Faciliate peer to peer shared learning
• Influence the design and content of national tools and resources

The PHINE Commnity of Improvement have developed a virtual network for its members, this can be found via the following link to Knowledge Hub detailed below.

For queries please contact:
CoI Chair: Louise Brewins , CoI Lead: Barbara Coyle


Virtual Network:

Link to Knowledge Hub: