Leadership Masterclass: Success, Systems, Human Relationships with Rasheed Ogunlaru

12 December 2019


Date and Time:

Thu 12 December 2019
09:00 – 16:30




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Success In every sphere, structure, team or organization requires strong understanding, communication respect and strong relationships. This inspiring one day master class will help you become or more effective, mindful and compassionate leader – able to hold inspiring, empowering, challenging and visionary conversations.  

Morning Session: Psychology, People, Personalities, Power, Purpose & Persuasion

This insightful masterclass explores the psychology, personalities and human dynamics in your life, work, teams, relationships and organization and the impact of building effective relationships has on individual and collective performance. This session will help you frame, structure and deliver empowering, constructive, communication in an authentic way that builds trust and influence. This session explores:

  • People, psychology, personalities and perception
  • Diversity, equality, inclusion … and difference
  • Confidence, charm, communication, courage & charisma
  • Challenges, team dynamics | Groups vs. Teams | I, We, All
  • Personal impact: body language, voice, language … and intention
  • The Awakened Leader Tool-kit compassion, awareness, mindfulness
  • Strategic awareness: tasks, tools/tech, team and terrain.
  • Building (re) alignment: mission, vision, values, culture & behaviours.

Afternoon: Communications Masterclass

This powerful, practical and interactive session will explore how to:

  • Manage difficult personalities and challenging conversations
  • Deliver effective and empowering feedback
  • Give performance improvement / management feedback
  • Delivering difficult news
  • Manage conflict, complaints and change constructively
  • Meetings, briefing and group discussion fundamentals.

This session will use ‘real’ scenarios, conversation, complaints, discussions, feedback that you may have to may have to face.

Invitation to take part

We invite NHS colleagues working at all levels to join us.