Online Learning in Public Health

From ‘Exploring the Slap’ in Physical theatre to ‘Climate change leadership’ there is a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) for everyone and a surprising number covering Public and Population Health.

Learning is becoming ever more digital therefore universities are adopting new technologies to reach a wider audience of learners.  You can now choose from hundreds of free online courses: from Language & Culture to Business & Management; Science & Technology to Health & Psychology.

In addition to an expanding range of MOOC’s that are available, there is also a large supply of e-learning from established providers such as e-learning for healthcare* and the Open University

We have collated a number links to online learning, MOOC’s and OOC’s that are linked to Public and Population Health.  This document can be downloaded from this link:

Online Learning - Public health related 

* E-learning for Healthcare accounts for Local Authority Public Health staff are now available through NHS Athens

What is Athens?

Athens is the main point of access for online quality healthcare information for NHS & Public Health staff. An NHS Athens username and password provide access to a range of electronic resources including e-learning from the e-learning from e-for healthcare and BMJ online, online journals, e-books, healthcare databases and medical images. The resources are available from any computer, smartphone, laptop or tablet – at work or at home, and are free.

How to Access - e-Learning for Health

Other Resources

Fairhealth - Health Equity Action and Learning

Fairhealth has the aim of reducing health inequalities by influencing and delivering free education to healthcare professionals in the UK.

A practical guide to reducing health inequalities

This module discusses what we as healthcare professionals can practically do to make a difference to health inequalities