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23 June 2017


A great range of free online courses can be found on the FutureLearn website.  These courses are not like your typical e-learning course, as you would be joining and interacting with a community of other learners from around the world.

Open Online Courses are usually divided into weeks. These contain various activities that you should aim to complete within the week, each one built from a sequence of steps. You will learn by watching videos, listening to audio and reading articles. Many of these steps are followed by short quizzes to help you check that you have understood the content. You can discuss topics with each other and educators will offer guidance and answer questions throughout the course. 

A selection of FREE Online Online Courses from FutureLearn have been listed below:

Learning Online: Learning and Collaborating

Online learning is likely to be important for you in the future, either at university or in the workplace. Learning online is different to learning in the classroom as it requires different skills. This course will help you to develop those skills, showing you how to learn and communicate effectively in an online environment.

Measuring and Valuing Health

Healthcare systems around the world are increasingly under pressure to fund drugs, treatments and other healthcare interventions. How do we decide which ones to fund?  On this course, you’ll learn how health outcomes can be measured and valued to make more informed decisions about where to spend our limited healthcare budgets.

Tackling Inequalities Through Health and Social Care Design

This course explore the ways that health and social care service design can lead to, but also address, inequalities. Inequalities are caused by very similar factors everywhere, they just look a little different, depending on the setting.  Explore the ways in which equity can be achieved through targeted improvement approaches.

A History of Public Health in Post-War Britain

History can offer us a unique insight into the public health problems, policies, and practices of the past, and is of critical importance to our understanding of healthcare in the contemporary world.

This online course will offer you an opportunity to bring the past into conversation with the present, enabling you to set the changing nature of public health in post-war Britain in context with changes seen today.

More courses are available from the links below!

Other Free Open Online course providers include:

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