Screening and Immunisation Masterclass

14 October 2019


Date and Time:

Mon 14 October 2019
09:30 – 15:30


Leeds - Venue TBC


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Learning Objectives


  • Describe the principles of Immunisation
  • Review background, purpose and impact of vaccination
  • Understand how immunisation programmes in England are designed and developed
  • Understand how programmes are commissioned and implemented – Policy to Practice
  • Describe the principles of Immunisation
  • Understand how programmes are monitored and managed including data sources/reporting
  • Understand the role of the public health commissioning team and NHS England and Improvement


  • Summarise the principles of screening as described by Wilson and Jungner and guidelines set by NSC
  • Describe statistical terms commonly used in screening
  • Critique rationale for screening for an actual or potential screening programme