System Leadership Laboratory with Jeanne Hardacre

24 September 2019


Date and Time:

Tue 24 September 2019
09:00 – 16:30




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We know how important it is to lead through productive partnerships and systems working, yet the reality of this can be very tricky! The Systems Leadership Laboratory® gives you the opportunity to deeply explore how your collaborative, system-wide leadership practice can be developed and sustained, within your own context. It is a dynamic, high impact, experiential learning event, in which we create a “live” organisational system in the room, and learn through a ‘real-time’ laboratory approach. The patient, service beneficiary and citizen perspective is a core part of the Systems Leadership Lab®, and is embedded into the learning experience throughout the day.

Significantly adapted and tailored to the current health and social care context, the bespoke design of the Systems Leadership Lab® is designed to enhance system awareness and system leadership. During the morning, participants will immerse themselves in working together as a ‘human system’ as the core vehicle for learning.

We then work together to build a shared understanding of influencing across systems and what it takes to empower a system beyond organisational boundaries. The morning is devoted to the immersive developmental experience, and the second part of the day focuses on applying this learning directly to real work challenges in your own contexts.

Following attendance at the System Leadership Lab®, participants are provided with access to a bespoke App, to help embed and sustain their learning from the event into their daily leadership practice.

Invitation to take part

We invite NHS and healthcare leaders at all levels with an interest in systems working to join us, particularly those who are working in Integrated Care Systems and other healthcare collaboratives. 

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