Y&H Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) workshop: Monitoring STIs at a local level

13 December 2023


Date and Time:

Wed 13 December 2023
13:00 – 15:00


Microsoft Teams Webinar



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Timely outbreak detection requires regular data reviews to systematically assess surveillance data. Good practice should include review of data by commissioners, providers, local authority public health intelligence teams and UKHSA. The frequency of these data reviews should be agreed upon and take place across organisations. UKHSA surveillance systems are not primarily designed for outbreak identification and consequently recognising STI outbreaks relies particularly on the alertness of local systems.

The Sexual Health Dashboard: STI Monitoring tool has been developed for use at a local level to help you identify, in a systematic and timely way, changes in the incidence of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) that may require further investigation and potential public health action.

Aims of the session

1. To promote the forthcoming UKHSA operational guidance: Investigating and managing outbreaks of sexually transmitted infections in Yorkshire & Humber.
2. To introduce the Sexual Health Dashboard: STI Monitoring tool and explain how to use it, the methodology, limitations and how to interpret the results

Target audience

• People working in local authorities across Yorkshire & Humber with a remit for sexual health – business/ public health intelligence and analysts, public health leads, commissioners, health protection leads
• People working in sexual health services in Yorkshire & Humber – data/ information system leads and analysts, lead clinicians, service managers, health advisers