E-learning for health – Population Wellbeing Portal

The Portal offers free access to education, training and professional development resources, to help deliver improvements in public health and prevention. Providing a central location for numerous e-learning resources, reading material, guidance, toolkits and videos, factsheets and many more resources relating to population health.



The Catalogue of provision includes:


All Our Health (Alcohol), Alcohol Identification and Brief Advice, Alcohol Stigma: Stories Behind the Bottle, Alcohol and Tobacco Brief Interventions, Professional capabilities 16: Demonstrates understanding of the principles of health promotion and illness prevention.

Child Health

Healthy Child Programme (HCP), Adolescent Health Programme (AHP)

Infection Management

Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR, Immunisation, Infection, Prevention & Control, Sepsis

Nutrition & Obesity (PWP)

Obesity, Nutrition

Oral Health

Children's Oral Health Advice for All

Prevention & Health Improvement (PWP)

All Our Health (Best Start in Life, Cardiovascular Disease Prevention), Health Promotion, NHS Health Check, RSPH - Level 1 Health Improvement – eLearning, RSPH - Level 2 Understanding Health Improvement – eLearning, Range of external resources

Workplace Health and Wellbeing

All Our Health (Workplace Health) Community-Centred Approaches to Health Improvement, Work and Health

Physical Activity

All Our Health (Physical Activity) Exercise Works, Moving Medicine Website, Physical Activity e-learning

Making Every Contact Count

MECC e-learning x 2 options, 5 ways to wellbeing

Social Prescribing

All Our Health (Social Prescribing), Social Prescribing - Learning for Link Workers