Assessor, Verifier and Mentor Opportunities

***Applications open all year round***

Assessor, Verifier and Mentor Role Applications

If you are interested in being an Assessor, Verifier or Mentor to support the Y&H UKPHR Public Health Practitioner Registration Scheme, please see the attached training/information flyers, complete the application form (Assessor and Verifier only) and return to Please do get in touch via email if you have any further questions, and feel free to share information about these opportunities with colleagues who may be interested.

 UKPHR Public Health Practitioner Registration Scheme

The Public Health Practitioner Registration Scheme invites applications from public health teams, local government, primary care or any of the health and social care organisations including voluntary and third sectors who promote, protect, advocate for, develop and improve health with local communities and groups in Yorkshire and the Humber (Y&H). Working with UKPHR processes and frameworks to provide support, guidance and quality assurance of assessment against the practitioner standards, this Scheme ensures locally accredited practitioners can apply to the UKPHR for national recognition.


Assessors provide feedback to practitioners following the assessment of a portfolio of evidence made up of commentaries relating to the practitioner’s public health role.  Assessment outcomes may be to approve a portfolio or to discuss areas of clarification or resubmission. The Scheme provides a quality assured system to assess and verify public health practitioners against the national standards for core public health practice. 



Through independent scrutiny, verifiers perform the vital role of confirming the assessment process has resulted in a
portfolio of evidence that meets the standards. Verifiers are responsible for the recommendation of portfolios to
the UKPHR Registration Panel for professional registration.


Practitioner Mentors

Practitioner Mentors support the process of self-directed learning of the practitioner throughout the portfolio
development process. In addition to workshops and portfolio developments sessions run by our specialist Scheme
facilitators, practitioners benefit hugely from working with a dedicated mentor.
They give tailored advice on self-assessment against the practitioner standards, discussing how the standards may be
demonstrated, identifying relevant development opportunities for filling competency gaps. Practitioner Mentors can
also informally review evidence and draft commentaries, and provide advice and guidance through a dialogue with
the practitioner.

YH Assessor Application Form

12 October 2023


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