Public Health Training Yorkshire & the Humber


Thank you for your interest in Public Health speciality training in Yorkshire & Humber. The whole school is committed to equality, diversity and inclusion and we have reviewed our approach to this recently. We want to help more people with varied experiences, backgrounds and ideas thrive as future leaders and do our part to tackle the systemic injustices that make it harder for brilliant people to contribute as leaders. People from a wide variety of backgrounds are eligible to apply.

Here are some useful links that you can explore:  

 This recently recorded webinar (October 2021) which provides an overview of our Specialty training programme. It includes an overview of our scheme, insight from current registrars and Educational Supervisors, and much more. Please also refer to our website which has full details and also using the Public Health Menu please see in particular the three parts of the Recruitment and Retention sections 

  • Please watch this Introduction to Public Health video by the Wessex Deanery  
  • You can meet some of our Educational Supervisors here. Each person brings their considerable expertise and diverse experience which helps to ensure that all our registrars benefit from only the best training experiences.  
  • Recruitment for the scheme is managed centrally by East Midlands ( and you can find the correct timelines on the Faculty of Public Health website which provides a wealth of information in the Recruitment section and is the best place to find out about the application process. Be sure to look out for their own events about the Specialty Registrar scheme on their Regional Taster Events page.   
  • Please view all the links above before attending our drop ins or our Open Day event.
  • We now have regular monthly drop in sessions starting in May 2022 onwards ; the details of  which are available on our website via this link here .

The Open Day for Public Health recruitment with further details is planned for Tuesday October 18th 2022 at 15:00-17:00 pm ;  please  let us know if you would be interested in attending this via our email :