Commercial Determinants of Health Position Statement

 “A total of £53 billion of combined industry revenue is estimated to be made from sales [of alcohol, tobacco, and unhealthy food] at levels harmful to health in the UK each year” – ASH, OHA and AHA

Industries have a huge impact on the places in which we are born, live, grow, and work. Their influence shapes the choices we make, the products we consume, and ultimately affects our health. These ‘commercial determinants of health’ present a huge economic cost to our society and cause significant premature death and disease - especially amongst disadvantaged groups.


The Y&H ADPH and Public Health Network have published a consensus statement on the commercial determinants of health which is rooted in available evidence. It details why these determinants matter to our health and society and outlines harmful commercial practices such as influencing and hindering policy-making, and massive marketing campaigns promoting unhealthy products. Next, it sets out the public health approach to counter such commercial tactics where they are harmful to health through shared key principles and initial actions.


This shared understanding of the problems and potential solutions will be used within local authorities to inform policy, practice, and collaborative approaches to action. 

YH ADPH CDoH Statement

06 March 2024


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