Free e-learning - Tackling Social Isolation and Loneliness

There is now substantial evidence that having a lack of social connections significantly increases the risk of premature mortality.  The risk to health that chronic loneliness can bring is greater than those associated with many factors that currently receive substantial public health attention and resources. 

This elearning course is focussed on highlighting the impact of chronic loneliness as a serious health concern and how we can all help to tackle loneliness with the interactions we have with patients and the public. It supports the call to action from the Jo Cox Commission to ‘equip people with information about the potential triggers for loneliness and ensure they know where to go for support’.   

The course highlights how health and social care staff and the wider public health workforce can recognise risk factors, risk groups and apply simple interventions that will that can make a positive impact. 

The learner will: 

Understand the importance of loneliness and social isolation (LSI) as a risk factor for negative health outcomes. 

Be able to recognise people within their practice at risk of LSI through an understanding of the risk factors and key risk groups. 

Be able to have conversations with people, in order to identify if an individual is likely to be at risk of, or experiencing, LSI. 

Have knowledge of the available range of evidence-based interventions for loneliness, and know how to refer or signpost those identified at risk of LSI. 

Where it is relevant to their role, be able to have ongoing interactions with clients with LSI to ensure ongoing care.