'Gambling Understood’ gambling harms campaign – Burst 2 launch

12 December 2023

As part of the 3-year Y&H ADPH funded programme a gambling harms marketing campaign titled ‘Gambling Understood’ is currently underway in the region. This is based on behavioural science and the main aim of the campaign is to plug the knowledge gap on prevalence, harms, tactics, and support of gambling-related harms.

The campaign is aimed at men up to 34 years of age due to the higher risk of gambling harm in this population, but we hope is equally of interest to wider audiences including anyone affected by someone’s gambling. The campaign focuses on the facts which will encourage and empower people to talk and seek further information.

Burst 1 of the campaign ran from 29th August 2023 to 26th November 2023 and focused on increasing everyone’s knowledge about the current context of gambling environments and products.

We are now entering Burst 2 and during this phase we are increasing the understanding of potential signs of harm to look out for and increase their knowledge of where to go if they worried or concerned about gambling (their own or of others).

The campaign is supported by a ‘Gambling Understood’ website, which includes digital materials such as posters, social media tiles and other templates.

To support the campaign, we are asking organisations from across Yorkshire and the Humber to share the campaign recourses. The toolkit can be accessed here.

You will have access to:

  • Social media graphics and social media copy
  • Digital screen graphics
  • A4 and A3 posters
  • Web banner graphics

By sharing the campaign on your social channels, on your digital screens or by printing posters and putting them on notices boards you will be helping to amplify the message.

communications briefing webinar recording for further information on the campaign can be accessed here.

For any questions about the campaign please email: Simone Arratoonian: simone.arratoonian@dhsc.gov.uk

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