Community Champions and Engagement

The Community Champions and Engagement Community of Improvement started in 2021 in order to bring together partners across the Yorkshire and Humber region who were delivering Community Champions schemes. The group has since developed and widened in both theme (wider community development) and membership. We are a friendly and informal group who support each other, share best practice and learn together. We share a wealth of information and resources with each other and work with a range of partners in the Yorkshire and Humber region to improve health through community. Please get in touch if you would like to find out more.


  • The CoI will provide a forum for: sharing best practice; providing regional and national updates; shaping and developing community champions programmes (or similar); and feedback on successes and lessons learnt.
  • Will seek to inform and feed into regional and national partnerships, strategy and policy, providing local insight and intelligence and a better understanding of “place”.
  • The focus of the group will centre on the use of community champions and community-based approaches for:
    • Supporting vaccine uptake, and community response and support.
    • The recovery from the coronavirus pandemic.
    • The reduction of health inequalities and supporting resilient, healthy communities.

Building capacity, capability, and strong partnerships at local level, and in the region with a long-term aim to build trust, resilience, and sustainability in communities. 

For queries please contact:
COI Chair: Steffi Rogers, OHID Lead Karen Horrocks


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