NHS Health Checks & CVD

The NHS Health Check Community of Improvement like all others is a defined strategic network that is jointly owned by Yorkshire and Humber Directors of Public Health (DsPH) Network and PHE. It is sponsored by the DsPH Network and PHE to establish a joint approach for the development of a work plan that will support the improvement of public health outcomes for the eligible population across Yorkshire and Humber.

The NHS Health Check is a National programme that aims to prevent heart disease, stroke, diabetes and kidney disease, and raise awareness of dementia both across the population and within high risk and vulnerable groups. The NHS Health Check programme offers a real opportunity to help people to live longer, healthier lives. It aims to improve health and wellbeing of adults aged 40 to 74 years through the promotion of earlier awareness, assessment, and management of the major risk factors and conditions driving premature death, disability and health inequalities in England.

The main focus of the CoI is to provide opportunity for networking/sharing/dissemination of practice.

The CoI priorities are to:

  • Provide a clear route of both influence and dissemination between national teams and local authorities
  • Ensure effective read across both other CVD programmes ( NDPP) and wider initiatives
  • Provide support with regards to managing data governance in line with the new data flows guidance.
  • Work with the local teams and the national behavioural insights team to support increasing uptake, and target those most in need.
  • Support with GP engagement, as required.
  • Support areas to implement the quality standards locally.
  • Support improvements to the quality and reach of the NHS Health Check Programme.
  • Longer term the aim is to broaden the remit of the CoI so that we can include CVD more broadly.

For queries please contact:
CoI Chair: Karen Harrison, Vice Chair: Jess March

Karen.Harrison5@nhs.net Jess.March@Calderdale.gov.uk

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