Planning Healthy Places

The Planning Healthy Places Community of Improvement (COI) is a forum to:-

  • foster public health and planning co-production in local authorities
  • reduce spatial inequality and improve and protect the health and wellbeing of residents
  • create health promoting places to live and work that are resilient to major incidents

The functions of the Planning Healthy Places COI are:-

  • share best practice in relation to good spatial planning that can be replicated across the region
  • discuss issues and find solutions to local challenges in relation to health, wellbeing and planning healthy places
  • develop a programme of deep dive sessions to enable in-depth discussion in relation to particular topic areas
  • implement Task and Finish Groups where necessary to carry-out specific pieces of work
  • ensure that up to date relevant national and regional policy is shared across the Group
  • work with wider colleagues and partners to bring knowledge and technical expertise as and when required (e.g. LEPs, Combined Authorities/City regions, transport planners, planners, ward councillors)
  • disseminate evidence, good practice, advice and guidance in our local areas
  • building skills and capacity and give confidence to local teams by sharing tools, provide training and learning events
  • establish and maintain a virtual group on the Knowledge Hub for Group members to connect virtually to share information, advice and guidance
  • provide regional insight to Healthy Places issues (e.g. consultations on policy such as NPPF)
  • contribute to shaping local, regional and national policy
  • working with local planners to maximise Public Health impact in planning decisions.
  • advocating the importance of a Healthy Places approach across Local Authority plans and organisations.
  • respond to health protection issues such as pandemics and major incident management by providing insight into the effects on local and regional planning policy and built environments.
  • using Public Health data to influence spatial planning (e.g. Hot Food Takeaways, Flooding, COVID-19)
  • working together to develop tools and resources to improve and protect the health and wellbeing of residents by making good places to live
  • using and finding the best evidence to present and promote this agenda and build resilience during COVID-19 e.g. Active Travel, TCPO regulations.

Community of Improvement Chair: Tim Fielding, Deputy Director of Public Health, Hull City Council


For queries please contact:
CoI Chair: Tim Fielding, OHID Lead: Karen Horrocks


Link to COI Resource Page: