Workplace Health and Wellbeing Network

The Yorkshire and Humber Workplace Health & Wellbeing (WPHWB) Network was formed in June 2018. The aim of the Network is to share experiences and practices in Workplace Health and Wellbeing programmes across the region, and beyond, in pursuit of the Workplace Health ambitions and best practice set out in a number of national publications.  The network provides a regional platform for Workplace Health & Wellbeing Leads and a single point of contact for the Office for Health Improvement & Disparities in Yorkshire and the Humber.  We produce and deliver a workplan that is developed and signed off by network members, ensuring alignment with NEY Anchor Institutions Network’s Good Work agenda and with YH ADPH Inclusive and Sustainable Economies priority workstream.   

Our priority themes are to Promote, Engage and Influence the business community; Understand the wellbeing needs of local businesses and how we can support them; Develop a Peer Support network for PH leads across the region all of which are underpinned by using data, intelligence & outcomes to ensure that WPHWB is based on need and good practice. 

We share good practice and expertise, learn from the experiences of others, to collaborate to identify sources of funding or develop new or best practice approaches, maintaining effective and open communication amongst Workplace Health & Wellbeing Leads and the Office for Health Improvement & Disparities in the region.  Finally we ensure developments are shared relating to policy, guidance and data, identifying the scope for potential closer working with other relevant bodies or networks in areas of mutual interest.

Membership is drawn representatives with a workplace health and wellbeing remit and includes but is not exclusive to Public Health leads from Local Authorities; Voluntary and Community Sector leads; academic leads with a workplace health and wellbeing specialism working in universities within YH; Integrated Care System Workforce Leads; Local Enterprise Partnerships & Combined Authority, cross regional employers.

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