Taking forward the recommendations in the Build Back Fairer Review, in Summer 2021, the Yorkshire and the Humber Directors of Public Health agreed on three key priority areas where we believe that working together across the region can add significant value. The three priority ambitions for the ADPH YH network are:

Inclusive and Sustainable Economies - DPH Lead: Debs Harkins, Calderdale

Improving the health of people and communities, ensuring that economic activity is sustainable and achieving shared prosperity for all, with no-one left behind.

The ADPH network will champion a more sustainable and inclusive approach to growth and economic development which is underpinned by improvements in health and wellbeing.  By building resilience into our economic models, we can support the reduction of health inequalities and build a fairer society for our communities. Importantly, this can only exist within the social and ecological confines of our planet. 

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Climate Change – DPH Lead: Greg Fell, DPH Lead, Sheffield City Council

Climate change is the biggest global health threat of the 21st century and the evidence is clear that it will have a negative impact on health and wellbeing in our lifetime as well as future generations. The activities that contribute to and drive climate change are the same things that drive poor health outcomes more broadly.

The ADPH network will champion sustainability as a core public health principle across the region. ADPH Y&H will work with partners to address climate change, improve the health and wellbeing and reduce health inequalities.

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Improving Life Chances for Children and Young People – DPH Lead: Sarah Muckle, Bradford

Children and young people are living, learning and growing up in an increasingly complex and challenging world, exacerbated by the wider impact of the pandemic. Every child and young person, regardless of the circumstances into which they are born, should have the opportunity to maximise their potential and future life chances.

The ADPH network is committed to improving children and young people’s life chances by working with partners across the region. An effective strategy to boost life chances should cover housing, education, health, the early years and household income, and not just prioritise worklessness and educational attainment.