Health and Wellbeing - Campaign Resources

There is a whole raft of resources available to Make Every Contact Count, please find below the MECC Community of Improvement's pick of some of the key ones available.

The DHSC Campaign Resource Centre

The Campaign Resource Centre is the digital platform for government health improvement campaigns and resources, for you to use in your work to improve health outcomes in your area.

You'll find print resources, such as posters and leaflets, plus a variety of digital and social media assets and content. All are free to download or order.

Under the 'Better Health' brand you will find tools and resources that support people to:

Quit Smoking

To encourage smokers to make a quit attempt and provide tools and advice built around sound behaviour change theory to support them on their quitting journey.

Support Tools, Websites, Apps you could recommend: 

Better Health quit smoking website which includes information about the benefits of quitting, advice on various quitting aids and a local stop smoking service lookup tool 

NHS Quit Smoking App - a 28-day programme that provides practical support, encouragement, and tailored clinical advice on your mobile/tablet. Includes a savings calculator so you can see how much money you're saving.

To find out more you could watch our app demo which provides a step by step view of how to get started

Personal Quit Plan – four simple steps to create your own personal quit plan 

Promote the benefits of Physical Activity

To help build more physical activity into their daily routines for their physical and mental wellbeing

What you could recommend: 

Get active - Better Health - NHS ( - website includes access to free online exercise routines you can do at home and offers from approved partners

Active 10 walking app - track your walking habits to increase the number of brisk minutes, which is when the health benefits will be greatest. No Lycra required, and there are lots of benefits of getting out into local green spaces like parks for your mental health too. Available from the App Store and Google Play

Couch to 5k app - easy to follow, flexible programme to get you running 5k in as little as 9 weeks, or longer if you want. Listen to your preferred music player as you run, between motivational messages from your chosen celebrity “coach”. Track your achievements and collect awards as you progress. Available from the App Store and Google Play

Campaign Resource Centre page:  Better Health Adult Obesity

Resources include:

Posters promoting couch to 5k and Active 10 apps encouraging people to get active. Also includes partnership with Amazon's Alexa enabled devices. Key messages include Physical Health messaging, Mental Health messaging and app specific messaging.

Eat well and achieve a healthy weight

To help people achieve a healthier weight

What you could recommend: 

Lose weight - Better Health - NHS ( – information and advice, and links to offers from approved partners

NHS Weight Loss Plan app, a 12-week programme following NHS advice on losing weight safely. Available from the App Store and Google Play. To find out more you could watch our app demo

Healthy Steps email programme:

Healthy Steps is a budget-conscious email programme designed to encourage families to take steps to improve their health and wellbeing. ​It provides regular reinforcement and feedback to help families set and achieve goals. Particular focus on lower income families with children aged 5-11​.

The programme invites families/parents/carers to complete a quiz, leading to a recommendation of the best NHS approved health options for your family. There are currently three on offer: sugar reduction, 5 A Day or planned cooking​. Those who sign up will get eight weekly emails with hints and tips on their chosen theme, as well as weekly challenges. Built-in feedback loops means that they will also be provided reinforcement and encouragement after set-backs to help them in their journey through Healthy Steps.

Campaign Resource Centre page:  Better Health Adult Obesity

Resources include: weight loss app demo; posters; social media toolkit

Promote Mental Wellbeing

To help people to take action to protect and improve their mental health​

Support Tools, Websites, Apps you could recommend

Better Health Every Mind Matters website. NHS-assured information & advice on common mental wellbeing concerns: anxietystresslow mood & poor sleep

Tips to manage mental wellbeing based on Mind’s ‘5 ways to wellbeing’. 

Plus self-help CBT techniques section Life’s challenges - practical tips on dealing with drivers of poor mental health eg coping with money worries and job uncertaintymaintaining healthy relationships and loneliness

The Mind Plan – free, personalised plan. Answer 5 quick questions on how you’ve been feeling over the last 2 weeks and you’ll get recommendations on practical self-care actions that could help. You can customise the plan and get it emailed to you

Free email support programmes – complete the Mind Plan to sign up for regular emails with further tips on building wellbeing actions into everyday life, or go to the “anxiety” page to sign up for a tailored email programme with expert advice and practical tips to help deal with anxiety

Search online for 'Every Mind Matters'

Public website: Every Mind Matters - NHS (