MECC Link - Simple Signposting to Better Health & Wellbeing

Introduction – What is MECC Link?

MECC Link is simple online tool designed to provide Very Brief Intervention (VBI) and Signposting support to anyone delivering Making Every Contact Count within Yorkshire and the Humber. 

MECC Link is designed to support people to embed and extend prevention and promotion of wellbeing and resilience into everyday practice by providing:

  • Easily accessible information on key healthy lifestyle topics
  • Suggested open questions using the Ask, Assist, Act model
  • Information on a range of primary self-care tools and resources
  • Signposting to recommended national and local support services.
  • On opportunity promote a social movement for MECC #MECCithappen

Who has developed MECC Link and why?

MECC Link has been developed Yorkshire and Humber MECC Community of Improvement (CoI) to support and promote lifestyle behaviour change at scale within the region. The MECC Community of Improvement is jointly sponsored by the Y&H Directors of Public Health Network and the Y&H Public Health England Centre.

The MECC CoI identified that a further support was required within the region to support the workforce to have the confidence and capability to undertake the type of Very Brief Interventions (VBI) required to give people information needed to inspire positive change, and/or direct them where to go for further help with our local communities.

Where can MECC Link be used?

MECC Link has been designed to be used by all organisations and any individuals that are utilising the Making Every Contact Count approach to support people to make positive changes to their physical and mental health and wellbeing.  In essence MECC Link can be used within any opportunistic point to open a conversation about health and wellbeing.

MECC Link complements all MECC Training, whether this is tutor-led, blended or online only.  MECC Link has been designed to include a range of suggested very brief intervention style open questions using the Ask, Assist and Act model which flows directly into primary sources of self-care, national support and local support (where available).


Q, What is Making Every Contact Count?

A, Making Every Contact Count (MECC) is an approach to behaviour change that uses the millions of day-to-day interactions that organisations and people have with other people to support them in making positive changes to their physical and mental health and wellbeing.  

Q, Is MECC Link available as a mobile app?

A, Not at present however it has been designed to support any connected mobile or tablet device.  A mobile app would require constant updating to ensure that the data within MECC Link was kept up to date.  The provision on a mobile enabled website allows us to keep the data within it constantly updated.

Q, Can I include a link to ‘MECC Link’ on our website?

A, Yes, please use the URL  There are no restrictions in place or brand identity guidelines at present however we would recommend the following description to be used:

‘MECC Link’ is a simple signposting tool, designed to support a social movement for health using the ‘Making Every Contact Count’ approach within Yorkshire and the Humber.  ‘MECC Link’ includes simple and accessible signposting to a range physical and mental wellbeing interventions including self-care tools/resources and sources of support from local and national services.

Q, Are there any other resources available that support MECC Link?

A, Yes, we have developed some signposting cards that allow the person instigating the MECC conversation to write down details from MECC Link and pass this onto the person.  The recipient can then act upon the signposting information provided at a point in time of their choosing.  A small supply of these cards can be requested from the MECC Community of Improvement.

Q, I have an enquiry regarding MECC Link or MECC Training who can I contact?

A, Please contact Chris Sharp, Workforce Development Manager, OHID Y&H.  Email

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