Migrant Health

The health needs of migrants living in the UK vary and often relate to their life experiences prior to coming here, these may include access to healthcare in their country of birth and the socio and political circumstances that resulted in them leaving. Migrants should not therefore be viewed as one homogeneous group as for example, overseas students and non-UK born workers are likely to have different health needs to trafficked migrants or asylum seekers.

Our work focusses on the needs of migrants in vulnerable circumstances and includes:

  • Asylum seekers (a person who has applied for permission to stay in the UK)
  • Unaccompanied asylum seeker children
  • Refugees (a person given permission to stay in the UK)
  • Trafficked migrants (someone who has been moved to the UK in order to be exploited through forced labour, slavery or prostitution)
  • Undocumented migrants (those who are living in the UK with no legal status)
  • Low paid migrant workers

For more information please contact Cathie Railton, cathie.railton@dhsc.gov.uk