UKPHR Specialist registration by portfolio assessment

UKPHR’s Specialist Registration by Portfolio Assessment (SRbPA) registration is an alternative way of registering with UKPHR at Specialist level for those who have not undertaken the Standard Route of obtaining Specialist registration and are not on the GMC/GDC Public Health Specialty registers.

This registration route is aimed at those who are already working at Public Health consultant level and can demonstrate that they meet all UKPHR’s Knowledge and Show How competencies which you can view by clicking on the ‘Essential Documents’ box below.

Before you read on, please read the FAQ’s we have produced to gain more of an understanding of the process in its entirety.

There are two stages to the SRbPA application process:

  1. A pre-application. This includes an application form, a structured reference and other documents in support of your application. Compiling a pre-application can take considerable time so we would recommend that you click on the ‘Stage 1 – Pre-application stage’ box below and read all the information and guidance carefully.
  2. If your pre-application has been approved, you will then be invited to send in your portfolio. There is a deadline of 18 months from when your pre-application has been approved to submission of your portfolio.

Specialist Registration by Portfolio Assessment - UK Public Health Register (

The UKPHR have now mapped UKPHR’s SRbPA Knowledge and Show How competencies to the 2022 Faculty of Public Health curriculum and GMC’s Generic Professional Capabilities.

This included updated and amended the following documents, so please ensure you are using the current guidance and templates:

  • UKPHR Show How competencies and guidance
  • UKPHR Knowledge competencies and guidance
  • FAQ’s
  • Preapplication guidance
  • Portfolio applicant guidance
  • Reference template
  • Pre-application form
  • Portfolio assessment proforma

Yorkshire and Humber – Enhanced Regional Support Programme

An enhanced regional support programme for Specialist Registration by Portfolio Assessment (SRbPA) has been developed and approved as a system wide partnership between the Y&H Office for Health Improvement and Disparities (OHID), Y&H School of Public Health (Health Education England) and the Y&H Association of Directors of Public Health (ADPH).  Please see link tile below


Time commitment

Read UKPHR guidance document


Read Specialist Knowledge and Show How Competencies


Listen to UKPHR podcasts:

Introduction to SRbPA (07:46)

The pre-application process (11:47)

The reference (12:23)


Attend UKPHR Q&A webinar (please below)


Read though the application criteria on the application form




Those interested should also be encouraged to join the National Peer Support Network which is facilitated by the Association of Director of Public Health and meets monthly online: Email and request to be added to the distribution list.


For further information on the above, please contact Chris Sharp, Regional Workforce Development Manager, Office for Health Improvement and Disparities (OHID)

Y&H Enhanced Regional Support Programme

17 October 2022


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