Y&H Behavioural Science Hub

There are many public health challenges within the Yorkshire and Humber region including preventable diseases, smoking, and mental ill-health, these are more often behavioural and sociological than medical in nature. The reason behind this is that they often arise from behaviours that are underpinned by social and structural determinants.

Evidence from behavioural science suggests that simple and easy ways of helping people to change their behaviour are the most effective. Whether it’s encouraging smokers to quit, increasing uptake of the NHS Health Check, making healthier food choices easier, or reducing the number of inappropriate antibiotic prescriptions, this evidence can help in understanding and therefore influencing behaviour change that promotes health, prevents disease, and reduces health inequalities. We must reach and be meaningful to people in the lives that they are leading.

Principle aims of the Y&H Behavioural Science Hub (YHBSH)

  • To build regional capacity and capability in behavioural and social science approaches and practice in public health work and services.
  • To provide a forum to scope, plan and become a regional exemplar on integrating health psychology practice into public health practice to improve health outcomes and reduce health inequalities
  • To ensure that the workforce has the skills and knowledge needed to support the application of behavioural science in Y&H.
  • To enhance the profile, scope and reach of behavioural and social science approaches regionally and nationally along with partnering hubs and associated networks.

The YHBSH Steering group

The direction of ‘Hub’ actions/output is set by a newly formed Steering group (see TOR below).  The ‘Hub’ is being the collective public facing agreed actions/output as shown above.  The Steering group is chaired by Academic Lead Prof Maddy Arden, Sheffield Hallam University and Practitioner Lead Dr Ellie Whittaker, North Yorkshire County Council.

For further information please contact Chris Sharp, Workforce Development Manager, email: chris.sharp@phe.gov.uk

Document Title Publication Date
Y&H Behavioural Science Hub - Steering Group TOR 01 September 2022