Health Protection Yorkshire and Humber (Y&H)

Welcome to Yorkshire and the Humber Health Protection Team (Y&H HPT).


Please report a notifiable disease to the Y&H HPT using the new online service.

The Y&H HPT is piloting a new service for reporting notifiable diseases. The new service follows GOV.UK design standards and improves the overall reporting process. It includes multiple opportunities to give feedback and inform the future of the service.

Please send any questions about the new service to

 If you are a registered medical practitioner within the Yorkshire and Humber area wanting to make a notification of infectious disease (NOID) to UK Health Security Agency Y&H Health Protection Team, please enter our online notification system via the secure link here

If you think your patient may live outside of Yorkshire and Humber and you need help finding your local HPT use the postcode lookup.

For some infections, public health measures to prevent onward spread of the disease need to be taken immediately. For urgent notifications please ring 0113 386 0300 in or out of hours.

To check if a notification is urgent, click here.

All URGENT cases should be reported, by PHONE, within 24 hours as there is often a CRITICAL WINDOW OF TIME within which effective public health control measures can be implemented. If incidents occur late at night or in the early hours of the morning, please consider if notification will wait until the following morning. This should be followed up by a written notification within 3 days. ROUTINE cases should be notified in writing within 3 days

To contact the Yorkshire and Humber Health Protection Team using a webform, please click here