Yorkshire & Humber HPT Response Cell

UKHSA Yorkshire and Humber Health Protection Team

Tel: 0300 3030234

Webform: Click here


 ​*** PLEASE READ ***

Please use the webform for the following purposes only:

1. To request a call back regarding an outbreak of a notifiable disease in your setting which has already been notified to the Yorkshire and Humber Health Protection team.  You will need the HPZone reference for this.

2. To inform the UKHSA Health Protection Team of a new outbreak* of a notifiable disease in your setting

*An outbreak or incident may be defined in epidemiological terms as:

  • an incident in which 2 or more people experiencing a similar illness which are linked by time or place
  • a greater than expected rate of infection compared with the usual background rate for the place and time where the outbreak has occurred

For example:

  • 2 or more cases of diarrhoea or vomiting which are in the same classroom, shared communal areas or taking part in the same activities. 
  • higher than usual number of people diagnosed with scabies
  • higher than usual number of people with respiratory symptoms

The Health protection in children and young people settings, including education - GOV.UK (www.gov.uk) guidance was updated recently (May 2024). Wording in the scabies section has been changed to advise there should be no enforced exclusion from school for scabies. This change has been driven by a desire to ensure any exclusion advice for missed education is proportionate and balanced against the risk of infection, taking into account any equity issues.

Contact the relevant UKHSA HPT for advice if you are concerned and/or have seen:

These definitions should not be taken as a threshold for reporting or action.

The current adult social care guidance can be found here:

Registered Medical Practitioners

If you are a registered medical practitioner within the Yorkshire and Humber area wanting to make a notification of infectious disease (NOID) to UK Health Security Agency Y&H Health Protection Team, please enter our online notification system via the secure link here

If you think your patient may live outside of Yorkshire and Humber and you need help finding your local HPT use the postcode lookup. For some infections, public health measures to prevent onward spread of the disease need to be taken immediately. For urgent notifications please ring 0300 3030234 in or out of hours. To check if a notification is urgent, click here

Please note due to large call volumes, UKHSA are unable to return every call and we are prioritising those that need immediate clinical support.