Making Every Contact Count

The Making Every Contact Count Community of Improvement is a defined strategic network that is jointly owned by Yorkshire and Humber Directors of Public Health (DsPH) Network and the Office for Health Improvement and Disparities (OHID) in Y&H.  It is sponsored by the DsPH Network and OHID to establish a joint approach for the development of a work plan that will support the improvement of public health outcomes within Yorkshire and Humber.

Making Every Contact Count (MECC) is an approach to behaviour change that utilises the millions of day to day interactions that organisations and individuals have with other people to support them in making positive changes to their physical and mental health and wellbeing. MECC enables the opportunistic delivery of consistent and concise healthy lifestyle information and enables individuals to engage in conversations about their health at scale across organisations and populations.

The MECC Community of Improvement have developed a virtual network for its members via Khub. The membership aim to promote MECC as a social movement that is embedded into a social media promotion strategy, so look out for #meccithappen going forward.

The MECC Community of Improvement have shifted focus from individual lifestyle behavious to a holistic approach that supports good conversations that include the wider determinants of our health.  To support there 'good conversations' the MECC COI have developed a unique very brief intervention (VBI) and signposting website

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