Migrant Health

The Migrant Health Community of Improvement (NEYH Migrant Health Group) is a collaborative network that formally reports to the Migration Yorkshire Strategic Migration Group. It is chaired by the lead DPH for migrant health and supported by OHID. Its an open group attended by different local authority departments, CCGs, Mears, Home Office, Migration Yorkshire, NHSEI, experts by experience, VCSEs, primary care, secondary care and UKHSA.

The network’s main aim is to bring a number of sectors together to provide co-ordination, leadership and a shared narrative around migrant health and wellbeing. The focus of the work is around migrants in vulnerable circumstances, i.e., asylum seekers, newly resettled refugees, those fleeing Ukraine and Afghanistan, trafficked migrants, those affected by modern slavery, unaccompanied asylum seeker children and undocumented migrants.

  • Understand the key health and wellbeing issues facing vulnerable migrants and identify the barriers and enablers for vulnerable migrants accessing services.
  • Maintain oversight across YH regarding work taking place to address the health and wellbeing needs of vulnerable migrants and highlight areas where there are gaps in provision.
  • Provide guidance to stakeholders regarding evidence-based health interventions and service models to better meet the health needs of vulnerable migrants.
  • Encourage a more co-ordinated approach and better integration across YH between different sectors e.g. health, housing, immigration and social care.
  • Develop a wider migrant health network across YH to facilitate learning and the sharing of good practice between agencies.
  • Provide opportunities for learning and development for stakeholders, for example through webinars, regional events and on-line tools.
  • Ensure the views of people with lived experience are incorporated into the work of the group.
  • Advocate for vulnerable migrants’ right to the highest attainable standard of health.

For queries please contact:
CoI Chair: Anna Hartley, OHID Lead: Cathie Railton

annahartley@wakefield.gov.uk, cathie.railton@dhsc.gov.uk

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